My ‘pick -me-up’ Mango/Strawberry Smoothie~ 

2cups almond milk 

1.5cups fresh diced mango

1/2cup diced strawberries

 1tbs ginger

1/2tsp cinnamon, 

and lil   dash of cayenne pepper! 

It makes two servings, with about 250kcal/serving 🥰👩🏽‍⚕️

Ah, alas we have arrived! The year is 2021 and many of us have faced challenges in the past year. We have loved, lost, married, divorced, birthed, said farewell, moved, renovated, promoted, and became unemployed. So where does that leave time for caring for one’s self? We utilize calendars, messages, and devices to remind us of the gazillion tasks on our to-do list but is one of those tasks meditation, or a massage, or perhaps just 15 minutes in the sun for reflection and some good ole Vitamin D?


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