On February 7 we will observe the annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD)! This day is to raise mindfulness, stimulate meaningful discussions, and focus on the efforts performed to decrease HIV in our communities. We also use this time to remember and express support for those living with HIV today. The Center of Disease Control (2021) encourages us to share images and post on social media. You can tag Share these posts and images on “social media tagging #NBHAAD and #StopHIVTogether leading up to NBHAAD and on the day of the observance, February 7, 2021,” (CDC, 2021).

Let’s talk about SEX Baby! Talk with your significant other, friends, and families about prevention of HIV. Today we have many options to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses and HIV. Condoms continue to be one of the most effective methods for prevention. Here are some pointers to ensure we are using them correctly.


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