Imposter syndrome has become a serious threat to productivity. Often, we find ourselves stuck and feeling as though we don’t have what it takes to get the job done. At times we get hung up on not having the proper educational degree, formal experience, or even the “right” job title. Feelings of inadequacy can cause us to be less productive because we find ourselves fighting feeling like a fraud. When we take the time to examine what is truly causing us to feel stuck, we fine it’s the fear of failing and being labeled a fraud. I mean, who wants to fail or feel like a failure? None of us does! Fear is the true culprit of imposter syndrome. What we often fail to acknowledge are the plethora of experiences we have that qualify us to take our seat at the – table. When we focus on reframing our idea of what qualifies us, we begin to see that we often possess the exact qualities we need to be successful


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