African Americans gifts and talents are marvels of the world, all brought forward from a mere thought or vision. There are so many unknowns about the brain and how it works. The brain is the master computer of the body that controls everything. For many African Americans, the gift of super brain can be a gift and a curse. Most of us have not learned to harness our gift and control it! When the brain is wild and out of control it sends all types of signals which leads to creativity, impulsivity, forgetfulness, poor concentration, poor communication, incomplete projects, irritability, and boredom; all signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

ADHD has been a negative connotation in African American culture, due to society placing labels on African American children in the school system. Leaving many people of color uneducated and untreated that suffer with uncontrolled ADHD. Education has long been seen as African American’s passage to freedom, we dare be given a diagnosis and medication that inhibits our freedom. The misconception has crippled and stagnated many African Americans from being successful and caused detriment in their lives from childhood to adulthood because they were never able to harness and control their superpower, their brain!


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