Dear Reader,
I just can’t believe that we’re already at the halfway point of 2021. It feels like the year just began, and now
we are close to the start of summer! Sometimes I wonder if the sentiment that “time flies” is a result of the months truly moving quickly or if that perception is a result of our lack of concentration and focus on those passing moments. Perhaps we just aren’t being mindful or present enough, and the result is that everything speeds past in a blur. There is so much downside to being busy. We miss important moments, forget things and wear ourselves out.

The articles this month will focus on the importance of concentration and its relationship to forgetfulness. When we forget, it’s often because we weren’t paying attention in the first place. You’ll also learn some divine relaxation techniques that you can utilize in your everyday life to re-center and rebalance when the days get busy. It’s amazing how such small shifts in our behaviors can create such profound change. Doing these things should, if not slow down time, at least allow you to more thoroughly appreciate and experience the time you are spending


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