When you hear the words black girl magic what does it mean to you? To me, Black Girl Magic is what drives our ability to persevere through adversity and achieve! How I first “tapped into” my Black Girl Magic is unique in many ways. God revealed to me as a teen that my calling in life was to be a nurse. I was hit and ran over by a car in a traumatic accident resulting in multiple surgeries and an extended hospitalization and recovery. I suffered physically and mentally. I did not recognize the person I had become with so many physical and emotional scars. At the weakest and most vulnerable time of my life, it was God, my family, and the nurses that encouraged me and helped me make it through such a difficult time. I was able to overcome feelings of depression and self worthlessness during the lowest times of my life, and turn it into a testimony and a purpose to drive my ambition. After experiencing the power of therapeutic nursing, I knew I was destined to care for others in the very same way!


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