The word, “cancer,” looms over us like an ominous dark cloud in the distance. Every pain or discomfort that we feel, we tend to fear the worst. Because of our fear and to avoid bad news, we avoid getting persistent pains checked out, we postpone appointments, we become lackadaisical with screenings and even go so far as to cover up or ignore disconcerting symptoms. But where is this avoidance getting us? I’ll agree with you on one thing. Cancer is a scary diagnosis. I’ve seen it diagnosed many times, and it’s never received well. So it makes sense that we’d do nearly anything to avoid hearing those words ourselves. But the one thing worse than the “C” word is when you’re sitting with the doctor in an office or possibly in the ER, and the only words she can offer you are, “If we’d only caught it sooner,” or “there’s nothing we can do at this stage but manage the pain.


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