Malignant melanoma accounts for about 75% of all skin cancer deaths and is likely curable if identified early (Mahendraraj, K, et. Al.,2017). Although melanoma is rare in African Americans it is associated with very poor prognosis when compared to Caucasians. Our skin is our largest organ and is a huge part of our day-to-day ability to function. Cutaneous malignant melanoma occurs most commonly in the sixth and seventh decade of life. In a study done in 2017, caucasian patients presented most with trunk melanomas, while lower extremity melanomas were more common in African Americans; African Americans also presented with deeper tumors, more advanced stage of disease, and higher rates of ulceration and lymph node positivity than Caucasians (Mahendraraj, K, et. Al., 2017). According to the American College of Dermatology only half of Americans are practicing safe sun.


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