In summer, the heat is intense, and the sun is bright, so it’s easy to stay hydrated. After all, nothing beats an ice, cold glass of water on a hot summer day. Oftentimes, we prefer a refreshing beverage to food during the summer months, but water is important all year long. Going back to school or re-entering a busy September work schedule means that it can be difficult to make time for hydration. For black women, staying hydrated is even more crucial than we think. As the seasons change and the temperatures get cooler, we’re not thirsty as often, and since the sun isn’t blazing, we don’t give sunscreen a second thought. But water does more than just quench our thirst. Every organ and cell in our body requires water in order to function. Beyond just consuming water, we also need to remember to wear sunscreen, and to moisturize and exfoliate daily to prevent the elements from drying us out. These simple skincare practices have a significant effect on our hydration as well, though we often write them off.


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