Queen, no matter what others want you to think, you only have so much time and energy to spend each day. Don’t exhaust your resources on anything that you can’t influence. Worrying about the rain won’t make it stop. Being annoyed by the fact that you’re only 5’ 2” tall isn’t going to cause you to grow. However, we spend much of our time and energy in negative emotional states over issues that are beyond our control. There are really only two things you can control:
Your actions
Your thoughts

The time you spend “doing” and “thinking” is all that you can manipulate. You can choose what food you put in your mouth and how much you exercise. You control whether you apologize to someone or not. You can choose to think happy thoughts or thoughts that make you unhappy. When you focus on what you can influence, you’ll find that you
can accomplish more and worry less.


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