Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is a yearly event to mark the passage of the independence declaration by the continental congress. Like every other holiday, food is abundant, and the air is filled with positive energy. Following traditional, delicious, and healthy meals have to be made to make the event flamboyant, hearty, and colorful. As a result, there are several options to choose from, and you could be indecisive on meals to prepare. To help you enjoy independence day grandly, here’s a list of classy, healthy, and delicious dishes you can make at home for independence day.


Sweet, sticky, and delicious, cola hot wings are perfect when served with a crunchy slaw. An even better addition would be the Hang fine girls’ barbeque sauce for a taste you and your visitors would be unable to get enough of!


Hotdogs are one of the most consumed foods in America. Despite its familiar taste and apparent normalcy in the American delicacies, hot dogs could taste better and can be made into more palatable dishes. A Chicago-style hot dog, with mustard and pickle toppings, tastes amazing with vegetable relish, and everyone would be pleased and satisfied at the delicious taste of good ol’ hotdogs.


Burgers are every American’s delight. Toss in a lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, or vegetable patty between the soft pair of burger buns, with a combination of your favorite veggies and sauces, and let your tongue dance to the deliciousness of burgers. Independence day could be an excuse to get a burger or two or three!


Due to its seasonal availability, strawberry is a major ingredient in culinary arts. They are a major ingredient in parfaits and pastries and can also be eaten alone with your favorite dips or cream. A strawberry shortcake would be a perfect dessert to enjoy on independence day. 


Fruit parfaits are essential for the independence day celebration! The red strawberries, blue raspberries, and white cream is a perfect representation of the American flag and fits the theme of the holiday perfectly.


Vegans are never left out on this day! Barbequed vegetables, ranched potatoes, grilled corn, and baked beans are on the list of options among others, and everyone gets to join the fun.


This is the most popular side dish of Independence day. The pickles, onions, mayonnaise, mustard, and boiled eggs make the dish packed full of flavor and deliciousness.


There is a popular saying, ‘As American as Apple pie’ and the reason for this adage is evident in the perfect sweet and scrumptious deliciousness of Apple pie.


The tenderness and juiciness of seasoned chicken, marinade in spice, and yogurt are to die for! A perfect complement for this dish is the cucumber raita. Make some delicious tandoori chicken skewers for independence day and see as the day gets even more fun. With all the festivity, fun, and calories which come with the celebration day, we hope these selected meals can help you achieve your goal of healthy eating!