The summer is here, and it is HOT! Is anyone else feeling the need for some self-care? Have you been working way too hard for the summer and find yourself in need of a vacation? *raises hand* Let’s talk about it! Because diving into the heat of the summer, into that pool, into that good book, into that desired moment of relaxation, it’s self-care! We all need and deserve more of it. Physical wellness = mental wellness, just like mental wellness = physical wellness. As your biggest mental wellness advocate, New Perspectives Therapeutic Services offers the tips and suggestions below to improve your physical wellness this summer. Physical activity can elevate your mood and reduce stress. Being in a good mental state can help you stay healthy and help prevent serious health conditions. So, who’s ready to dive into wellness?

• Yoga and Meditation

You don’t have to be a yogi or Zen master to practice yoga and meditation. It isn’t just about twisting yourself into near-impossible moves or living in silence. Yoga teaches us to be more mindful of our individual needs, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Meditation helps us tame our thoughts and focus them on the present moment. Yoga and meditation can build confidence and improve physical and mental wellness. A consistent yoga and meditation practice can overall improve your life!

Rest and Exercise

These sound like contradictory tips, but they complement one another, and getting enough of both is the best formula for minimizing stress and improving wellness. Sleep gives your body time to repair, recover, and build up the muscles worked during exercise. Regular exercise can improve your sleep patterns and ensure you get the rest your body and mind require. You can’t have one without the other. Both are essential to operating at your best, not just in the gym but in your everyday life too.

• Journaling and Reading 

Journaling is an effective way to reduce stress, help with depression and anxiety, focus your mind, and organize your life. It can be a great tool to open up and let go of things that bother you. Similarly, reading can reduce stress, help alleviate depression symptoms, strengthen your mind, and increase your ability to empathize. Together, journaling and reading can lead to stronger relationships with both self and others. (check out our guided journal at

• Relaxation and Family Time 

For some, relaxation is spending quiet time with self; for others, it’s spending time with family and loved ones. For this reason, we’ve coupled these tips together. Whether relaxation means spending the day poolside, immersed in a book or sand side, or tossing a football with your family or friends, the goal is to take a break from work- -from daily stressors–from negative thinking or stressful situations. When we relax, blood flow increases around our body, giving us more energy. It helps us have a calmer and clearer mind, improving positive thinking, concentration, memory, and decision making. Life is often stressful, so it is important to keep a balance and make some time for fun and relaxation!  By being intentional about your wellness, you can dive into summer as the best version of yourself! If you are struggling with reaching the physical or mental wellness that you deserve, New Perspectives Therapeutic Services has the experience and tools to help; call, text, or email us to schedule your first session.