Wellness is not just being physically healthy. Complete wellness requires a healthy soul, mind, and body. Identifying as a Christian woman, I believe nourishing and caring for my soul is the key to well-being. Having a consistent practice of meditation, specifically Centering Prayer, has been one of my life’s most positive life-changing practices. People often ask me how I can identify as a Christian and practice meditation/yoga. Isn’t that a conflict in beliefs? No, it isn’t. Meditation is a concept highly present throughout the Bible, with 19 occurrences in the Book of Psalms alone. Biblical-based meditation is a practice with an emphasis on listening to GOD. My Yoga journey began with Centering Prayer Meditation. This type of meditation is used by Christians, placing a strong emphasis on internal silence. A leading principle taught in this practice is a quote from Fr. Thomas Keating, “Silence is God’s first language; everything else is a poor translation.” Practicing this form of meditation has been a key to maintaining focus and essential to how I stay connected with GOD. Sitting in silence, taking full breaths, allowing myself to just BE… that is how I commune with GOD and my preferred Yoga practice. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga is to yoke or have union. Both meditation and intentional breathing are forms of yoga. Caring for one’s spiritual well-being is foundational for complete wellness. My wellness journey started with my search for a closer connection with GOD, and it led to the realization that I AM.